San Diego, CA

Favorite thing about teaching at Shadowbox?
Shadowbox is an extremely unique experience, I'm so proud to have been a part of the early stages and development of what happens in that room under those blue lights... I also just really enjoy teaching, similar to performing, I always say if I positively affected, changed, inspired, one person that show or class -I did my job. And opposite to that, I am inspired by the students every day.

Guilty Pleasure?
Chocolate, Singing loudly in the shower.

Biggest accomplishment?
Performing on Broadway

Ideal Sunday?
Being in the the jungle; water, sun, fresh food, sweat.


Boxing Technique classStyleBar10
Overall Intensity

Jaws’ dancing background and athletic prowess has helped her develop a deep knowledge on how the body moves as one unit. A session with Jaws will result in better hand-eye coordination, a solid understanding of the fundamentals of boxing and a sweat session like no other. Anyone from a boxing newbie to a seasoned veteran will benefit from a private session with Jaws.