5 Reasons Why Your Boxing Stance...

is Crucial to Your Craft...

1. Keeping your fists up and your elbows in allows for a quicker reaction time when throwing punches.

2. Carrying your weight on the balls of your feet and maintaining a bend in your knees will lend itself to better balance and quicker footwork.

3. Engaging your core creates a strong foundation for any movement you make.

4. Relaxing your shoulders saves energy and allows you to fully rotate your punches.

5. Centering your bodyweight allows you to shift your energy and transition seamlessly from speed punches, to power shots, or to defense at any given moment.


STRONGHER Women's Day event!


Join us on International Women's Day for a celebration of our female community.
What: A special Shadowbox class and post-class panel discussion.
Meet our roster of influential women, refuel with @cleanfooddirtycity bites + take home a killer swag bag. All class proceeds will be donated to a local women’s nonprofit.


When: Wednesday March 8th | 7:30pm-9:30pm
Where: Shadowbox Dumbo | 55 Prospect st Brooklyn NY 11201
Join us: $34 bag reservation Email to reserve your bag: DUMBO@Shadowboxnyc.com
Hurry! Space is limited. 

Heather Hardy: 
Undefeated (18-0-0) professional boxer holding the WBC International Female Super Bantamweight title. Heather is also a single mom and boxing trainer living and working in Brooklyn, New York.
Lily Kunin: 
A plant-based cook and health coach in New York City, Lily is passionate about good food that makes you feel as good as it tastes. On March 7th, Lily will be releasing her first cookbook, Good Clean Food.
Bianca Rothschild: 
Entrepreneur. Yogi. Writer. Meditator. Bianca has studied consciousness and self-awareness for over 20 years, and sees entrepreneurship through the lens of the hero’s journey. Also a futurist she extends this journey beyond the personal, to the global challenge of creating a new paradigm world where we all can thrive. 

Sweat Cosmetics | Fleabags | Clean Food Dirty City | Thinx | Outdoor Voices


Shadowboxer of the Month

Meet Shirel.
Brooklyn, NY ????????


There is something incredibly empowering about the strength, endurance, agility and confidence you can gain through boxing. Something training with Jaws Nelson taught me in particular, has been to find balance between power and quickness in order to achieve efficiency through my strength and fluidity in my movement. It's become my mantra throughout all my training, even outside of shadowbox because it has allowed and inspired me to become a better and more focused athlete.

Lead hand hook. I usually like to set it up with a combo ending on a cross. It's my favorite and probably most powerful punch.

Full time Legal Manager at American Express. Occasionally I can be found puppy sitting, casually napping, doing a ton of cycling and spinning and training for my next big race!

"Hard work makes the dream work." I repeat this a lot, internally, mostly as a reminder that no one will ever fight for me the way I can fight for myself and I truly believe that we have an incredible amount of power to achieve our goals but that can only be done by staying hungry, always, and working hard.


Featured Shadowboxer: Leeana

Meet Leeana, An avid Shadowboxer and a strong member of the growing Shadowbox community. Learn a bit about what keeps her coming back to the Jab Cross Hook...

HOMETOWN?: San Jose - I’m a Cali girl :)

WHY DID YOU START WORKING OUT AT SHADOWBOX?: My friend Jessie, founder of Freschstyle, also an SBX addict, treated me and another colleague to a class. I never looked back. We even gift classes to our clients!

WHY DO YOU KEEP WORKING OUT AT SHADOWBOX?: Mostly, I love the family vibe at SBX. My favorite instructor is Jeremiah for two reasons. He has a chill Cali vibe but more importantly, he really cares about his clients and invests in their well being - that motivates me. I even cancelled my gym membership! It’s been incredible to learn a new skill and I have finally found an activity I’m wildly passionate about. I've even lost nearly 30lbs to boot!!

FAVORITE PUNCH?: Definitely a hook to the liver! I love slipping to the back and nailing the right hook!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT BOXING?: For fitness, absolutely nothing. Nothing else matters. Otherwise, I’m a personal stylist and expert closet organizer! I love to travel so I’m always on the road! In the last year I’ve been to Turkey, Amsterdam, London, Paris, LA, Miami, The Hamptons, Austin and Ibiza! With more adventures to come!

WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO?: You only have one life, live it to the max!


Supporting the Happy Hearts Fund

Shadowbox was happy to support Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Fund. This month at Shadowbox, purchase a 'FIGHT WITH YOUR HEART' tank and all the proceeds will go to help the Happy Hearts Fund build schools in areas affected by natural disaster.


Featured Shadowboxers: Laura & David

Meet Laura & David
You'll find this power couple taking turns handing off their adorable baby between classes...#parentgoals!

David: Talladega, AL.
Laura: Birmingham, AL.

Why boxing?
David: I believe its important to keep a strong core, and boxing is one of the best core exercises you can do. Not to mention its a great stress reliever!
Laura: I started coming to get back in shape post-baby, but stayed because it's both a physical and mental workout. Nothing beats a Sunday class to prepare for Monday at work.

Favorite punch?
David: Without a doubt, the hook (specifically backhand hook) is my favorite punch. It's amazing the amount of power you can generate when done correctly - its exhilarating.
Laura: The cross, right after a slip or a roll.

What are you guys doing when you're not boxing?
David: When I'm not boxing or spending time with my family, I can be found helping the world to breathe fresh air at filterbuy.com
Laura: I like finding new restaurants and running after my daughter. Thanks to everyone who's helped with the door when we're doing our weekly baby handoff!


Featured Shadowboxer: Jackie

Meet Jackie.
A loyal Shadowboxer since the very beginning! You can catch her at the gym multiple times each week, give her a shout next time you see her...

Hometown: NYC
Profession: running an event department at a financial firm
Why boxing? I love the power and energy I feel from boxing
Favorite punch? The power cross!!


Featured Shadowboxer: Mafe

This is Mafe.
She's been attending attending multiple classes each week since June 2015.
Learn why she keeps coming back below...
(and give her a shout next time you see her at the studio)

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Profession: Publisher Manager @ a digital marketing agency.
Why Shadowbox?: It's always a challenging and intense workout but it goes far beyond that. Best natural high ever; no matter what's going on in my life I walk out with a clear head.
Favorite punch: That would have to be the cross.


Featured Shadowboxer: Adam

Say Hello to Adam...
A lifelong athlete, Adam came to Shadowbox to learn a new craft. Read about why he keeps coming back...

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Profession: Assistant Director, US Department of Veteran Affairs - New York Regional Office
Why Shadowbox?: Boxing is an incomparable combination of cardiovascular conditioning, strength and skill. I love the personal accountability - its just you and the bag, and knowing you pushed as hard as you could each and every shot. I never leave Shadowbox anything less than completely exhausted, but with the "exercise high" that comes from a great workout.
Favorite punch: Lead-hand hook to the body or head. You can generate so much torque and power with your core and hips, while still keeping everything compact so your body isn't exposed.


Featured Shadowboxer: Akshat

HOMETOWN?: West Bloomfield, MI

WHY DID YOU START WORKING OUT AT SHADOWBOX?: I wanted to feel better, faster, stronger.

Because I started to feel better, faster, stronger, obviously! I have been sharper mentally, more fit physically, and more confident overall since I started working out at SHADOWBOX.

FAVORITE PUNCH?: "HOOKS, FOR POWER!"... Really I just love when Annah yells that out. Combos with defense are always fun to work on too - Jab Slip Hook!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT BOXING?: By day, I have the privilege of trying to help people through early detection of breast cancer. By night, I have the privilege of hanging with my wife and indulging in television shows that are too embarrassing to name, with the exception of Friday Night Lights - best show ever.

WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO?: Leave no stone unturned.